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Proficient ancient shark-puncher, Jason Statham, is extremely eager to begin working with chief Ben Wheatley. It’s been too long, yet the creation wheels are at last turning for The Meg 2, as star and expert ancient shark-puncher, Jason Statham, uncovers that the spin-off of the oceanic beast film is set to begin recording next January.   Our own Steve Weintraub as of late talked with the solitary man fit for confronting a Megalodon with his uncovered clench hands about his job in the new Guy Ritchie film, Wrath of Man, yet additionally set aside the effort to get some information about Statham’s different activities, including the expected spin-off of The Meg (no? Is it just me? Fine). In addition to the fact that Statham confirms he’s returning for the continuation, however he likewise lauds Ben Wheatley, who has endorsed on to return the animal component. “We’re going to begin shooting in January, on the off chance that I get my dates right. Ben Wheatley is the chief, I’m exceptionally eager to work with him. I’m excited to get moving, it’s been some time. We’ve been looking out for the correct contents to come in and the correct chief to turn up, and we have every one of those things and they’re completely piled up at this point.” Wheatley is certainly an odd decision to coordinate The Meg spin-off. In spite of the fact that he’s accomplished more activity centered films like Free Fire, he hasn’t actually got his hands on an undertaking of this scale previously. In any case, given the inconspicuous, yet present natural connotations of The Meg, and its troubling and practically mocking tone, it’s not difficult to see Wheatley’s sensibilities work on megalodon-sized steroids. In the event that you’ve seen his Sundance film In the Earth, you realize Wheatley is even more than fit for conveying trippy, peculiar, and terrifying ecological rushes, and Statham is by all accounts ready, so we can’t resist the urge to follow him. “No doubt [Wheatley’s] incredible. We have an incredible shorthand as of now. We have comparative taste. I like his motion pictures, I believe he’s a splendid chief. I think we have a decent shot at making something great.” You’ve heard the man. There is a decent possibility that The Meg 2 ends up great, and deciding by how fun the main Meg was, I can hardly wait to see somebody like Wheatley infuse his sensibilities into the task. Simply ensure Statham punches another shark in the face and we’re brilliant! The Meg 2 doesn’t have a delivery date right now, yet Statham’s next film, Wrath of Man is planned for discharge on May seventh, 2021. Search for our full meeting with Statham soon.

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