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IRONMAN 4 – THE TRAILER | Robert Downey Jr. Returns as Tony Stark | Marvel Studios Endrick vuelve a anotar otro golazo y acerca a Palmeiras al título liguero
For English actor Jason Statham, purchasing a home in Malibu turned out in 2009 while remaining with a companion in their Malibu Colony home. Join Most Expensive Homes and step inside Jason Statham’s Malibu Beach House. In Statham’s cycle, the surf shack got comfortable, stylish, and quiet. An outside of dark cedar shingles with copper drains become environmentally viable from the salt gives it a specific smoothness. The drifting teak racks in the lounge area, introduced by the woodworker who’d done Statham’s deck, were a response to not having a huge enough piece of craftsmanship to hang over his Danish table and Niels O. Møller seats. They hold a couple of pieces by Danish potter Axel Salto. The wood establishment around the chimney was a straightforward answer for not having time or the longing to purchase books just to look good. The artwork was a blessing from a companion, done by a craftsman from a far off Australian clan. The ocean confronting room with its image window directly on the property line is his #1 spot in the house to unwind, on the delicate custom couch. “You see each shade of the sun and how it ponders the ocean, and you associate with the climate so much there. It truly is an intriguing, uncommon spot to sit, in that general area on the edge of the sea.” – says Jason Statham at Architectural Digest. The tranquil main room, embellished with lights from Denmark 50 and teak racks holding high contrast photography opens to a little gallery peering down the skewed rooftop to the sea shore, a view that is cheerfully without glare. Living directly before a popular surf break, Statham delighted in unwinding on his Burmese teak deck however immediately felt called into the water.

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