You are currently viewing I Am Legend 2 “I Am Immune” (2023) Trailer #3 Will Smith, Michael B Jordan (Fan Made)

I Am Legend 2 “I Am Immune” (2023) Trailer #3 Will Smith, Michael B Jordan (Fan Made)

Michael B Jordan clips from Fahrenheit is a last minute addition based on the official announcement of the cast. Will Smith’s I Am Legend is no doubt one of the most iconic film to date. The success of the I Am Legend 2 dream trailer #1 in the channel speaks for itself. So far I made 2 versions and this 3rd one is a little different, in sense that it follows through the original ending when Dr. Robert sacrifices himself. Bringing main characters back is common for fan made trailers, implementing this felt more natural, thanks to Bad Boys For Life clip of Will Smith being taken to the hospital (I edited Anna pushing the cart).

Despite the lack of clips for Alice Braga’s character Anna, her line from The New Mutants “You went through a lot, get some rest” gave Anna some spotlight talking to Dr. Robert about taking a break since recovering. “get some place safe” is a line from King Richard perfect to make Dr. Robert say to someone during an outbreak. The last line was the best “I don’t want to kill you, but I absolutely will if I have to” from Bad Boys 3, because it shows that Dr. Robert cares about the zombies and wants to help them.

The ending I made sure it looks epic, thanks to the Walking Dead cinematic cut scene of a man standing in a street is the perfect imagery of “the last man on Earth”. Then icing on a cake becomes Dr. Robert driving a motorcycle while being chased by zombies (I edited clips from Gemini Man)

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