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Real Madrid Vs PSG 3–1 Extended Highlights & Goals 2022

quarters they’ve got a history with the champions league but they haven’t really made any signings in the last three years build up to real Madrid

against PSG when we return the last big sign was Eden hazard yes they bought in moving but he’s a young midfielder Paris saint-Germain

and it’s not long until the action get rid have a one-goal deficit to overturn against appear Messi is developing quite the partnership 20 years his record is quite staggering when you see his numbers um and whilst the champions league has been a source of frustration.

and the world’s best will try and sprinkle some magic dust onto the occasion nancy is a big man for them tonight he starts the game on 76 champions

Kim pembe Ferretti paradise and Danilo would all miss a potential lot of big players down there

Killian and baptist being everywhere gee

but those in Madrid hope he’s here in white it’s an attacking threat that we saw in Paris three weeks ago Glenn supported by finishers Danny Carvajal immediately involved managers who need to win a champions league for PSG here’s some paper.

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