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What Happens When Ball Boys Get Bored

Sevilla puts them at the top of the table so we’re gonna have to chase them now and wait for their mistake I’m confident that that

will happen but it is true what you said that we can’t make any more mistakes in these eight remaining games

I like the lineup Citians coming out with everything he has the MST together for the first time in a starting lineup since we’ve returned from quarantine yes from quarantine and service has been injured for a long time so this is the first msg and a long time.

I’m excited too for this signup and for the rest of the games I think we really got to focus on our games on our drills go for our points and put all French or Real Madrid in fact if we win tonight we’ll go resting with three points at being three points

ahead of Real Madrid that’s going to put all this pressure on them and I think that’s what we got to do icing you with why there are cards to use Mike

how are you hi Georgina finding you okay I’m really happy to see this lineup I think it’s the one that we have for today I’m happy to see Messi Suarez.

and grease man together again after that a long time and waiting for these three points and hopefully, a really good win at home do we have Sarah

– we’re waiting for her connection but she’ll be joining us from Barcelona because she’s back now from Belgium she’s back she’s back

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