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Marcelo 7 Ridiculous Tricks That No One Expected

Renato Sanchez coming in for his first start for his country and Alicia being preferred to Guerrero at people another has to play a little bit wider get the and what a start again for uh Sanchez deserves a game with Brzezinski [Applause] inside two minutes the worlds been waiting and now he delivers the continents prime number nine on target at last well if you consider how many opportunities in this tournament what Malick is so good at playing off Levandoski.

Poland committing midfielders up the field there are acres of space for Portugal to break back at them Ronaldo beaten to it by Fabianski it was a good job of keeper was on the move there because Ronaldo did the right fish his check levandovsky and somehow invented a header of sorts and that’s what.

Lewandowski will run away from anyone breaking into that midfield area and then drop into that pocket of space pick the ball up he’s waiting he got there before pepe it’s [Applause] the most immaculate serendonski million on his way Pepe’s on his heels got back in time to throw a boot in the way and yield pole in the corner that’s a great link to play again I think lunches Adrian silva are vulnerable now to nanny and then this is a real opportunity especially get past.

the playlist and it’s a surprise in itself and tries to win the ball it doesn’t get there and from this type of range otto glorious goal from a greedily talented young man he has given that one mighty thump and it’s one inch well everyone was talking about paul pogba as being the bright young hope in terms of midfielders in Europe but Renato Sanchez he has been sensitive full of a good football match terrific hurry and andy Hinchcliffe okay let’s hand you back its nanny it’s Ronaldo he’s on the side and he’s hit the side netting has the right to give him a sideways glance that’s a real surprise but again.

Lewandowski is so good at manny Ronaldo missed his kick Adrian silva away by patch down and here’s Lewandowski it’s a big chance now for Cristiano Ronaldo he hit fresh air I’ll tell you his movements all right so a decade’s more experience in Ricardo pared now Brzezinski Brzezinski went for goal and i missed by a country mile I just think he takes this opportunity far too early they’ve got picked up if you’re going to be combative and aggressive in central.

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