Big News! Johnny Depp Lands First Major Movie Role After Trial

Big News! Johnny Depp Lands First Major Movie Role After Trial Now that the trials are over in Johnny Depp’s favor, the doors of Hollywood are open for him once again. Johnny Depp has finally landed a new movie role in a series set to take place in France. Before now, the last time Johnny Depp appeared in a movie was in 2020, when he starred as a photographer in a film titled Minamata. Johnny Depp would take records of mercury poisoning among Japanese citizens in the 2020 movie. The only other movie-related work he did was acting as a voice-over actor in an animated series called Puffins. However, his new role in France will see him perform as King Louis XV. King Louis XV is also fondly known as “Louis the Beloved”. His 59 years as the French King is the longest ever experienced by any king since Louis XIV. Given his cute nickname, you wouldn’t expect him to die as an unpopular king among many French natives. However, he died as the most corrupt King to ever reign in France. In Jeanne Du Barry, which is the movie title, the film director, Maiwenn, would star alongside Johnny Depp as his last mistress. The movie is set to take place within the Versailles Palace and will last for about three months.

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