RAMBO 6: NEW BLOOD Trailer #3 Sylvester Stallone, John Bernthal | Father and Son Team Up (Fan Made)

Its awesome to once again make a Rambo 6 dream trailer because Sly’s movie “First Bl00d” is my favorite. This continues the concept I started with the previews versions as Jon Bernthal to be his son.

We begin in the place the last time we saw Rambo at the end of Last Bl00d, which is his home. Then I used clips from THE FOREVER PURGE to indicate that there are bad guys coming. FORTRESS film is the best part of this trailer because its about father and son which is perfect for the storyline of this concept.

We see someone messing with the CCTV, meant to show that Rambo added that since the last time, he wanted more security. Then to make Rambo use arrows to attack them I used the arrow scene in THE FOREVER PURGE.

Then we introduce Rambo’s son with the line “Where is he” from FORTRESS, which I made to look like it was Jon Bernthal saying it. “What does he want?” I made Rambo respond “me” to indicate that he knows his son is there to see him.

“To get to you…dad” line are mix, one from COPSHOP and the other from FORTRESS. For this version, I didn’t want Rambo and his son to fight, instead team up against the bad guys. “We are dealing with an expert with guns, knives and his barehands ” are lines from the classic films.

“Because outside that fence, you have no control” line is from a deleted scene from Rambo Last Blood, talking about how Rambo has no control when he is provoked.

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