Donnie Yen is disappointed by Tarantino's Depiction of Bruce Lee

Donnie Yen is disappointed by Tarantino's depiction of Bruce Lee

The discharge of Tarantino’s As soon as Upon a Time in Hollywood generated lots of criticism in direction of Tarantino’s depiction of Bruce Lee in a scene of the lately launched movie. Amongst them is the infamous Donnie Yen.

Tarantino’s depiction of Bruce Lee

Tarantino's depiction of Bruce Lee

In his newest movie, Lee was depicted by Mike Moh as an conceited movie star whose fame took one of the best out of him. As well as, within the scene, he was overwhelmed up by the stuntman Cliff Sales space, performed by Brad Pitt.

Whereas selling Ip Man 4 on a world tour again in 2019, Donnie Yen was requested to deal with the movie scene that divided varied fanbases into two factions. Those that say it is simply fiction and those that really feel their idol was disrespectful.

Tarantino addressed the scenario by saying that Bruce Lee was kinda an conceited man, and that is additionally the explanation why he determined to painting him in that manner.

This upset many individuals who regard Bruce Lee not solely as a martial arts and martial arts movies icon but additionally as a humble but self-confident individual and thinker.

Donnie Yen’s Commentary

Donnie Yen about Tarantinoŝ depiction of Bruce Lee

Donnie Yen stated that he is aware of Tarantino personally however that he is very upset by the way in which Tarantino select to painting Bruce Lee in his movie.

“As filmmakers, I really feel we must be extra respectful in direction of somebody like Lee, who has contributed a lot to our Business,” stated Yen. (supply)

Donnie Yen is not the primary one to go after Tarantino for the conceited depiction. The truth is, Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, felt she was the best individual to deal with this concern.

Shannon Lee: Shut Up about my Father

Shannon Lee: Shut Up About My Father

Learn the Authentic Article right here.

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