You are currently viewing Wing Chun Master Flores vs MMA | Knockdown in 47 Seconds

Wing Chun Master Flores vs MMA | Knockdown in 47 Seconds

Pierre Flores shouldn’t be a brand new identify in terms of the Wing Chun Universe. In actual fact, his dedication to reclaiming conventional environment friendly martial arts has made him infamous. Right here, Grasp Flores stands vs an MMA scholar who challenged him.

Grasp Flores

Flores is a proud scholar of Grandmaster Nam Anh, who gave him the mission to unfold a Kung Fu model completely taught by him – Pak Mei. In actual fact, in case you’re considering that his Wing Chun shouldn’t be “pure”, that is the rationale behind it.

Grasp Pierre Flores turned identified after a number of of his martial arts encounters went viral within the final 5 years. However not solely he exchanges with different martial arts masters, however he additionally appears actually devoted to testing his factor out.

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Wing Chun vs Karate

Flores is without doubt one of the few practitioners who, a minimum of publicly, is on the market to challenges and to check his abilities. Regardless of that, he was criticized primarily due to the measurement and age of the opponents he spars with.

Nonetheless, he appears to be keen to step out of this consolation zone, since he later challenged the well-known MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong in entrance of the fighter’s previous health club.

“The best way he does it’s fallacious. It’s not proper to imagine that each one martial arts are faux. That could be a mistake of Xu Xiaodong. There are good and unhealthy issues, however you may’t equate all of them” says Pierre. (supply)

Wing Chun Grasp Pierre Flores Challenges MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong to say again Credibility to Wing Chun


Grasp Flores vs MMA

The video above was uploaded by Nam Anh Kung Fu College’s official Youtube Channel. As stated beforehand, Nam Anh is Flores’s Grandmaster who taught him Wing Chun and Pak Mei Kung Fu.


As it’s defined, the younger Kickboxer challenged Pierre Flores to an alternate within the ring below Kickboxing Guidelines. So, no knees or elbow strikes, and groin and eyes strikes are denied too.

Within the case of a knockdown or a takedown, the match can be resumed instantly.

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