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Will Smith Reacts To Eddie Murphy Dissing Him At The Golden Globes

As hard as it may be to imagine, almost a full year has passed since the 2022 Academy Awards were broadcast on television and caused a worldwide internet outage. Even after all this time, the conversation over Will Smith slapping Chris Rock hasn’t died down much. In fact, more and more celebrities and public figures have come forward and revealed their opinion on the matter; some taking a more serious stance, and others just using it for the comedic golden material that it is.
Quite recently the arguably most famous animated donkey in television history took a shot at the Will Smith incident.

Of course, we’re speaking of nonother than famous actor and comedian Eddie Murphy! Apparently, Murphy couldn’t hold back at the 80th Golden Globe Awards and had to take a dig at the whole Will Smith and Chris Rock debacle. But what is it exactly that he said? And what did his close friend Will Smith have to say about it? Stay tuned cause today you’re in for a big one.

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