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Boyka Undisputed IV was fantastic

Boyka Undisputed IV was fantastic

In the fourth spin-off of this effective contender establishment about warrior Boyka (Scott Adkins) “Undisputed 4: Boyka”, a major turnaround happens when he coincidentally murders a rival in the ring and it hits him so hard that he begins thinking all the more profoundly about himself and all that he truly addresses.

At the point when she finds that the widow of his adversary Alma (Teodora Duhovnikova) is in some hot water since she owes cash to the criminal Zourab (Alon Moni Aboutboul), she chooses to turn into her hero in apparently incomprehensible battles …


Bulgarian chief Todor Chapkanov’s 2016 film “Undisputed 4: Boyka” indeed puts British entertainer Scott Adkins, an expert of a few diverse combative techniques, at the center of attention. In spite of the fact that he featured in “Universal Soldier 4”, “Bourne’s Ultimatum”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “The Expendables 2”, he acquired world notoriety and massive ubiquity by deciphering the warrior Boyka, a previous detainee who, because of his perspectives or more all fantastic battles – turned into a genuine star on the planet’s biggest jails.

He says that he is the most perfect fighter in the world, and in the two previous films we had the opportunity to see why so that all martial arts fans will truly enjoy this film.