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Celebs Who Stand for Ukraine |

Celebs Who Stand for Ukraine |

Stand with Ukraine is ongoing, and it will not stop until the current events are over. Among other people, a lot of celebrities support Ukraine with their words and some of them – with their acts.

For example, Sean Penn Ukraine connection becomes quite tight because the actor wants to make a documentary about the country’s current struggle.
Angelina Jolie Ukraine statement appeared on her Instagram.

The actress strives to help Ukrainian refugees and prays for the country.

Have you heard about Elon Musk Ukraine help? The billionaire decided to support Ukraine with technology and did it very quickly.
Stephen King Ukraine update came with a rare selfie of the writer wearing a very special t-shirt.

And even Saturday Night Live Ukraine accolade happened last week in the show’s cold open.

You can also join these celebrities and help Ukraine

in many ways by donating for good causes and by

sharing information with others. Let’s stand for Ukraine 2022 altogether!
Peace to Ukraine!