How Jada Pinkett Smith Ruins Every Man In Her Life

Will Jada Pinket Smith ever stop humiliating Will? Is she using the name of Tupac for clout, and is her parenting style going to take down Jaden too eventually? Stick around as we tell you all about how Jada has managed to ruin every man she crosses paths with.

Will’s infamous 2020 Oscar Ceremony slap provoked many reactions and opinions.

Most people agree that neither Jada nor any other person should be mocked for their physical conditions. However, some things have started to come to the surface that made people realize that Jada is not entirely a defenseless victim.

In fact, the internet has started to believe that Jada Pinkett Smith has manipulated and mistreated not only Will but also several other men in her life.

So what exactly has Jada done to all these men?

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