Watch ‘Teaser Trailer Concept’ for Marvel’s IRONMAN 4, starring Robert Downey Jr, Katherine Langford & More!

For example, even if many considered him the villain of Captain America: Civil War, it’s undeniable that the film showed audiences that Tony served as a peacekeeper between the superhero community and the government, attempting to balance out the desires and wants of both groups. Though always something of a loose cannon, the general public appears to have always rooted for Stark, much in the same way audiences did. Combine this with the fact he (along with the now also missing Captain America) led the Avengers themselves, and it’s clear a lot of things need to be established and changed in the coming films and shows to breach the gap that Stark has left in the MCU.

Seeing how this void is filled by figures like War Machine and the MCU’s new hero Ironheart – and how they honor the legacy of Iron Man – could be one of the most interesting parts of Phase 4. Though having an Iron Man 4 without Iron Man is a weird notion, it’s also one that could ultimately serve as a fitting tribute.

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