Home movies Jean Claude Van Damme Announces Retirement And His Final Movie Role Will Be As Himself

Jean Claude Van Damme Announces Retirement And His Final Movie Role Will Be As Himself

Jean Claude Van Damme Announces Retirement And His Final Movie Role Will Be As Himself

An era spanning four decades is coming to an end, as Jean Claude Van Damme announces his action movie retirement. Yes, unfortunately, you read that correctly. The Muscles from Bruxelles is calling it quits at 61 years of age. One could argue, that given the trend of veteran action movie stars dominating the big screen in their retirement years, he’s just getting into his “prime”. However, it looks like this won’t be the case, as Jean Claude has one more big role in him-himself.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Will Retire After Making One Last Action Movie
That’s right, in his upcoming movie called “What’s My Name?” Jean Claude Van Damme will be playing none other than Jean Claude Van Damme. Article posted by Deadline.com cites the following:

In the film, Van Damme will play himself. Left in a coma following a serious car accident, he wakes up with amnesia, unrecognizable to everyone, including himself. Through a series of fights against iconic fighters from across his legendary career, Van Damme begins a quest for his own identity and life meaning. This leads him to one final match.
Deadline asked Jean Claude to expand a bit on the premise of the movie, his decision on leaving Hollywood for good, and what will life look like for the man who entertained hundreds of millions of people across the globe with his movies once he makes his final acting role. Here’s what JCVD had to say about this.

I wanted to leave the stage but with a revisit of my career, starting with Bloodsport, the one where I started to become famous. I want this to be a new Bloodsport but on a higher level. In the film, I am on my way down in terms of career, and as I come out of a premiere of another action movie, I am not happy because I’ve been living in hotels the past 30 years, which is actually true. We’re going to bring real elements from my real life and what happened to me.

I came from Belgium, all the way to Hollywood. I succeeded, I failed, I came back. So I’m walking out on the street after the premiere, and boom! — a car hits me because I’m drunk. When I wake up from the impact, I don’t know what’s my name, and no one recognizes me ( …… ) I’m canceling everything to get in shape, and after this movie, I’ve bought a small boat. Not a big boat — that’s not for me — but I want to go around the world, and relax. I work all my life, I live all my life in hotels for 30 years.

That all will be explained in the movie, how I became far away from my family. After this, I want to relax and enjoy my life and family, because life goes by fast
I, like many others, grew up watching Jean Claude Van Damme’s movies and consider them the backbone of any man’s watching necessities. His movies in one way or another shaped fighters, bodybuilders, fitness lovers all over the world, action movies, and even Mortal Kombat. Hearing that soon we will never see the Belgium badass perform his legendary splits on the big screen is truly heartbreaking news.