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Jean Claude Van Damme talks Conor McGregor

First Arnie, and now Jean Claude Van Damme is showering acclaim on Conor McGregor in front of his title battle with Jose Aldo one month from now.

The ‘Muscles from Brussels’ is extremely intrigued by the Dubliner, and addressing Bruce Buffer around evening time on FoxSports on the “IT’S TIME!!!” webcast, the activity star has some guidance for the Notorious.


The Belgian was talking about the absence of a notable world military craftsman, and had some large recognition for the UFC man who he feels has something that no other UFC contender has right now,

“He’s ravenous, it’s new for him and he like the cash with a major grin and he says it for all to hear and he’s carrying on an incredible experience.”

“This is the point at which you go from nothing to being exhausted I’m encouraging him to appreciate each second.”

“It will be difficult to beat him and he’s battling with this and his procedure and his tallness in addition to he has the Irish individuals behind them.”

“He makes a connection,a soul association with him and the crowd and he needs to be cherished”


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