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Money Heist Bloopers And Funny Moments

Money Heist Bloopers And Funny Moments

Money Heist Season 4 has just arrived on Netflix. If you enjoy this series as much as we do, you’d be excited to know how the stars of La Casa de Papel are getting along with each other behind the scenes.

So here’s our compilation of the money heist funny moments, as well as some bloopers and all the times with money heist cast funny situations.

With recent money heist premiere – Úrsula Corberó became a real international star. Just as much as Álvaro Morte, and the Elite star Miguel Herrán and Jaime Lorente. We all love characters that Itziar Ituño and Pedro Alonso are portraying. Such names of the cities like Tokyo and Lisbon are only associated with the Heist gang and their The Professor.

Thanks to Netflix streaming platform we now can find out how Ursula dancing all day long, and sometimes even during the shooting process. It’s a joy watching the cast love their work so much that they just dance all day long.

And when the filming is over, the cast is crying harder than the fans do when they’re finished watching all the episodes…doesn’t that make you love them even more? If you are eager to get to know the cast closer, check our Money Heist bloopers video right now!

Para los fanáticos de Netflix españa, nos complace presentarles los mejores momentos divertidos La Casa De Papel. Disfruta viendo nuestros bloopers después del estreno de La Casa De Papel temporada 4.