The supermodel confirmed the happy news on Instagram with a photo of the most adorable bassinet with an elephant-print blanket and a tiny hand poking out of it. “Isabella James Statham 2.2.22,” Huntington-Whiteley captioned the post, adding an angel emoji for the “angel date” her daughter was born on.

Congratulations poured in from many of the new mom-of-two’s model friends, including Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge, Negin Mirsalehi, Jasmine Tookes, Georgia Fowler, Devon Windsor and Lameka Fox.

If you were confused by the term “angel date,” astrologer Inbaal Honigman previously explained to Marie Claire what the significance of a birthday like 2/2/22 is, commenting on what it meant for Kylie Jenner’s baby boy, who was also born on that day.

“For spirituality seekers, light workers and the angel community at large, observing number coincidences and synchronicities is always a thrill,” Honigman said. “Our lives are now surrounded by digital numbers, and so we are very likely to glance a special number like 15:15 on the microwave, rejoice as our car’s odometer turns to 123456 and jump for joy at seeing the phone flash 33% battery, all reasons to believe that good things are coming, as all coincidences are meaningful.”

Honigman then went on to explain what this all means for Jenner’s—and Huntington-Whiteley’s, by extension—baby: “Especially after the challenging past two years, the spiritual community has been waiting for 2/2/22—an angel number date is rare, and very auspicious,” Honigman explains. “For Kylie’s baby to be born on this date is a lovely start for his little life—and suggests great things.

“He will be lucky in love, since the number 2 represents relationships. His date has four of those! “He will also be very spiritual and possibly psychic—there are 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot, and 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet which is widely used in spiritual writings. His date has two of the number 22!”

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