10) LEGIONNAIRE (1998)

Goodness snap, hot pick coming in here at 10. While Legionnaire may not be the most kickass battling flick of Van Damme’s prime (to be reasonable, he doesn’t endeavor a kick in the film), it is a vague fun period piece that was maybe Van Damme’s most prominent acting accomplishment. Composed by the previously mentioned Lettich, Van Damme’s depiction of a French “legionnaire” on the spot in Morocco genuinely features JCVD’s backbone past the activity film brilliant age.

9) CYBORG (1989)

Other than being prominent for having quite possibly the most extreme miscreants ever (Vincent Klyn as Fender Tremolo), this Albert Pyun flick was a genuine Cannon Films exemplary. Initially composed for Chuck Norris, Cyborg would demonstrate JCVD’s star status as a development to his effective presentation in Bloodsport one year later. A genuine cyberpunk smasher, Cyborg merits visiting over and over.

8) TIMECOP (1994)

In the event that there’s one film that exhibits all of Van Damme’s acting, kicking and parting ability – it’s his 1994 science fiction time travel exemplary Timecop. To cite noted Van Damme master Jack Beresford, “here was a film that resisted kind show to convey a charmingly smooth science fiction yarn close by the typical high kicking activity.” Timecop was another $100 million dollar hood in Van Damme’s uncommon film industry run which ought to consistently be recollected regardless of its terrible Van-Damme-less continuation.


One of numerous Jean Claude Van Damme motion pictures to produce an establishment, Universal Soldier pits Van Damme with individual UAMC most loved Dolph Lundgren in another science fiction actioner. Widespread Soldier gave Van Damme a lot of space to act and ass kick against the acclaimed Rocky adversary in a fundamentally missed work of art. Widespread Soldier would proceed to acquire more than $25 million locally and $65 million abroad against its $23 million dollar financial plan.


Straightforwardly going before Van Damme’s Universal Soldier achievement was maybe his most at last adorable double job execution in Double Impact as Alex and Chad Wagner. Acting to the side, Double Impact was the main film to rejoin Van Damme with his pal Bolo Yeung from Bloodsport and another working with Lettich. Van Damme’s “twins” theme would become one a presentation staple coming up again in Timecop, Maximum Risk, and Replicant.


5) LIONHEART (1990)

Lionheart, a couple of motion pictures off Van Damme’s breakout in Bloodsport, would end up being a vocation solidifying actioner that flaunted both Van Damme’s battling just as his delicate side (and not simply from his brand name butt shots). In any case, as John Acquavita calls attention to in his right on target audit, “there’s no adoration premium, no killed karate expert to retaliate for, no companion to prepare, and no shouting police boss … it’s a hand-to-hand, combative techniques activity film first, second and third.”


4) SUDDEN DEATH (1995)

Part out of regard and part out of cash, it appears to be that after Die Hard blew the world away in 1988, pretty much every activity famous actor got an opportunity to make a pass at a similar idea somehow. Van Damme got his in 1995 with Sudden Death, where – rather than a place of business – he should Die Hard his way through a NHL hockey game. With an incredible exhibition by Powers Boothe, a critical standoff with a man in a mascot ensemble, and some grasp goalie saves money on the ice by Van Damme himself – Sudden Death actually murders on all records.


3) KICKBOXER (1989)

After the achievement of Bloodsport, Cannon Films rushed to profit by Van Damme’s breakout execution on Van Damme’s kickboxing capacities with, indeed, Kickboxer in 1989. The film rejoined Van Damme with his old competing accomplice Michel Qissi – who played his film foe Tong Po. Kickboxer conveys the Bloodsport hits note for note at time, however with some further developed plot lines and more profound preparing montages, in addition to a dance for the ages, actually remains as one of Van Damme’s generally charming and acclaimed flicks.

2) HARD TARGET (1993)

Hard Target is prominent for two extremely extreme reasons:

It was the main American movie by acclaimed Hong Kong activity chief John Woo

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s mullet

Another activity film played off of “The Most Dangerous Game”, Hard Target was an unadulterated Woo-ian cavort through the Cajun wide open of New Orleans in the entirety of its high kicking, weapons blasting, snake-punching magnificence. Van Damme glances wonderful in his long wavy mane as’ first experience with Western film is dangerous, magnificent and past extreme.

1) BLOODSPORT (1988)

Lastly, as should not shock any Van Damme fan, yet the main JCVD activity film is obviously Bloodsport. For us at the Ultimate Action Movie Club, we can’t quit watching, talking and expounding on it – here are the 10 Reasons Bloodsport is Van Damme’s Magnum Opus by the incomparable Will Carter – as it genuinely is the activity film that continues to give.


From Bolo Yeung’s presentation as Chong Li to Forest Whitaker’s shabby pursue scene, we at last love Bloodsport on the grounds that it brought us Jean-Claude Van Damme. Before Bloodsport, JCVD was only a basic Belgian child hoping to positively influence Hollywood, and after, he was a true blue activity film legend.

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