Making this dream trailer was due to the fact that this franchise is surprisingly popular in the channel. Since the main actors has released new trailers I thought I’d give it another shot the 3rd time. The fun of making these is to include dream cast, the number pick for me is Keanu Reeves. Despite the lack of new movies, we get commercials from him.

The music was on point in the first trailer with the actual music from the original. Then the second one I made it serious, which did good. This time I try to bring back the vibe with the Baywatch trailer theme song. Part of the ongoing theme of the film trailers are the name drops, so I made sure everyone had there name shown. This dream trailer has some story to it, how this is about Lee Christmas turning his back on his team, kind of like in Fast and Furious what Dom did.

The beginning I wanted to make Jackie Chan’s introduction more special. I edited him holding a phone, looking at Barney Ross picture. The beginning when Christmas betrays the team, we get a clip of Galgo getting dragged by him. Also Nicolas Cage looking at Barney and Christmas (Statham) gun showdown with Keanu Reeves.

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