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The transfer window in Europe has just closed, and we’re already stunned by the news that Real have reached an agreement on the transfer of Erling Haaland! How is this even possible? Right now, we will share with you all the information that we’ve managed to collect, tell you about other plans of Madrid regarding transfers and also show you how the new Galacticos will look like next season!

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Real make a deal on Haaland’s transfer

It looks like the future of Erling Haaland is already decided. Diario Madridista reports that the Madrid club has reached an agreement with the player regarding his move next summer. Let us remind you that in the summer of 2022, a buyout option of 75 million euros will come into force in Haaland’s contract. Under certain conditions, this figure may rise to 90 million euros.

This money seems like a very profitable investment for a forward of his caliber in the current transfer market. Let’s not forget that Erling is only 21 years old and he has already scored more hat-tricks than guys like Eto’o, Rooney and Torres did in their entire career.

Haaland also had a successful last international break: he scored 5 goals in 3 matches and sprained Virgil van Dijk’s finger. Lots of fun! And many have heard about his statistics for Borussia. As part of the Yellow-Blacks, Erling scores an average of 1 goal per match. And we’re not even counting his assists. Phenomenal stats for such a young player!

Last summer, Chelsea, Man City, Manchester United and PSG showed interest in him, but Borussia clearly stated their position that the player was not for sale this year. The BVB as well as Haaland himself are inclined towards the deal with Real, as they liked that the Madrid club, unlike others, did not try to convince them to sell the player last summer. So we are waiting for Erling to wear the white T-shirt.

Kylian Mbappe and Real. The wait is almost over

And not only Haaland, but rather the Haaland-Mbappe link! Just imagine what a furor it would be! Two of the brightest young talents in the football world on the same team! Yes, yes, almost no one doubts that next summer Kylian Mbappe will be at the Santiago Bernabeu. Kylian’s contract expires in the summer of 2022 and he has already announced a hundred times that he will not renew it and dreams only of Real.

But let’s give credit to PSG in this situation. The club is doing everything possible to keep the player. And it’s not just about all the money in the world for Kylian. Marca reports that the bosses of the Parisian club managed to involve even the country’s president, Emmanuel Macron, to persuade Mbappe. Just think about it: a president of a country convinces a player not to leave a team!

According to the newspaper, Macron is constantly in touch with Kylian in order to convince him to stay at PSG. The President believes that Mbappe is an example for all young people in France and must stay in the country. While the Parisians management is preparing some insane two-year contract for the player.

Let’s see if Kylian can say no this time too. Rumor has it, he will not be playing for nothing in Madrid as well. A contract for about 40 million euros per season is being prepared for him. This will make him one of the highest paid athletes in Europe. Also, according to ABC, the contract will include enormous bonuses of 60 and 80 million euros for the agent and Kylian’s father respectively. Provided that the player agrees to sign a six-year contract. Don’t forget that Kylian will be able to sign a preliminary contract with Real Madrid next winter. And this is exactly what we expect. Like this video if you can’t wait to see Mbappe and Haaland together at Real Madrid!

So what will the renewed Real Madrid look like with all these moves? Considering that this transfer plan is quite realistic, we predict the future Real as follows:

We take the 4-3-3 formation as a basic one. The goalkeeper is Thibaut Courtois. Dani Carvajal remains on the right wing of defense, there should be no questions about it. In the center of defense we are expecting the Pau Torres – David Alaba link. Ferland Mendy will be on the left.

Two positions will be renewed in the midfield. Casemiro will remain in the role of a midfielder, but the French duo Camavinga-Pogba will play a bit higher. As for the attack, in addition to the mega newbies Mbappe and Haaland, we give place to Vinicius, who has begun to improve rapidly under the management of Carlo Ancelotti.

This is the line-up we’ve assembled! Tell us in the comments below if you agree with it and what would you like to change. What other players would you buy if you were the president of Real?


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