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Jean-Claude Van Damme humiliated others with her chiseled physique in hes 60^s also

BELGIAN actor and martial arts master Jean-Claude Van Damme is also known by the nickname The Muscles from Brussels and it is not too difficult to conclude why he wears that nickname.

In a recent Instagram post, Van Damme showed off biceps to his fans and sparked an avalanche of comments. At first glance, it is obvious that Van Damme does not look like most people in their sixties. His appearance would be more appropriate for a person who is twice as young.

In the black-and-white photo, Van Damme shows his muscles in the gym, and several fans wrote in the comments below the photo that the famous actor is their inspiration and role model.

In December 2017, the entertainer shared for Men’s Health magazine what his normal exercise resembles and remarked on the difficulties he faces as he attempts to keep up a similar actual appearance paying little mind to age.

“I started training when I was very young. I always loved flexibility workouts and they helped keep my muscles elastic. Also, I have good genes from my parents and DNA is extremely important. My parents’ skin is flawless,” said Van Damme then.

These versatile muscles have served him well for quite a long time, so he at that point expressed that he can in any case make a rope with no issues. Furthermore, in light of the last photograph, it likely can today.

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