Home movies John Wayne Once Confessed the ‘Stupidest Damn Thing I Ever Did in My Life’ Involving His Romance

John Wayne Once Confessed the ‘Stupidest Damn Thing I Ever Did in My Life’ Involving His Romance

John Wayne Once Confessed the ‘Stupidest Damn Thing I Ever Did in My Life’ Involving His Romance

Actor James Caan as soon as talked about what it was like working with legendary actor John Wayne on El Dorado. The then-young actor didn’t initially get together with the Western star. Nonetheless, they might in the end develop their relationship in surprising methods, as Wayne was a “massive prankster” with Caan on the set. It’s a complete different aspect to the long-lasting actor that the world didn’t get to see fairly often.

John Wayne and James Caan co-starred in ‘El Dorado’
'El Dorado' James Caan as Mississippi and John Wayne as Cole Thornton wearing Western outfits surrounded by barrels
L-R: James Caan as Mississippi and John Wayne as Cole Thornton | FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives through Getty Photographs

Wayne and Caan co-starred in Howard Hawks’ 1966 American Western referred to as El Dorado, which was loosely based mostly on Harry Brown’s novel referred to as The Stars in Their Programs. The story begins when a heartless tycoon named Bart Jason (Edward Asner) brings in a bunch of thugs to say the MacDonald household’s residence proper from beneath them. Nonetheless, the city’s sheriff is too drunk to lend his help.
An elder gunfighter named Cole Thorton (Wayne) agrees to lend his help when he hears concerning the state of affairs. He makes a visit to El Dorado, however he isn’t alone. Mississippi (Caan) joins to scrub up the sheriff in time for the inevitable shootout to return.

John Wayne and James Caan was ‘massive pranksters’ on the set

Discover out what was it like working with Duke on the set of El Dorado! Spoiler: Duke was an enormous prankster ???? pic.twitter.com/5HMi3YpcLB
— John Wayne Official (@JohnDukeWayne) August 25, 2021

The official Wayne Twitter account tweeted an interview with Caan, the place he talked about filming El Dorado. Nonetheless, the state of affairs that unfolded is something however anticipated, because the tweet referred to Wayne as a “massive prankster.”
“Wayne instructed me each time, he says, ‘Take a step, flip round.’ So, I do it and Hawks would yell ‘Reduce’ and are available strolling, they’d reset all the things, which took a half hour,” Caan recalled. “He’d go, ‘Look, child, whenever you say the road, simply go.’ ‘All proper, coach. I’m sorry.’”

Caan continued: “Now, he walks, he does, as he’s strolling again to the digital camera, he goes, ‘Now, look, child. Don’t take a complete step. Simply take a half a step after which flip round and provides me that look you give me.’ I nonetheless do not know what the freaking look is. I believe I used to be smiling, simply laughing at him. Motion, all the things begins up once more, I take a half a step, flip round: ‘Reduce!’ (Laughs). He comes up, yelling, ‘What’s the matter with you? Can’t you simply say the road and go?’ ‘Coach, I’m actually sorry. I don’t know what occurred. I had a mind fart, one thing.’”
Nonetheless, the following interplay would almost put Wayne and Caan on very unhealthy phrases.

“He begins strolling again and he goes, ‘Now look, child,’ and I flip round and [Robert] Mitchum grabbed me, I used to be going to hit him,” Caan mentioned. “From that day, we have been … he knew what he was doing, ? He was having a great time at my expense.”
The connection between Wayne and Caan made a sudden flip for the hilarious once they began to play jokes on each other, however it clearly confused Hawks.

“However as every week glided by, I’d be off digital camera and Hawks can be subsequent to me, and Duke can be sitting there. Proper in the course of my scene, I’d go, (mouths) ‘You stink’ and he’d giggle. ‘Oh, what’s the matter there?’ ‘Oh, nothing. Sorry.’ It simply grew to become who can screw up who.”
Caan concluded: “Like, sooner or later, you keep in mind these wood dressing rooms they’d? I’d come to lunch, my dressing room’s locked. I am going, ‘Excuse me, guys, how come it’s locked? I can’t get in there.’ ‘Nicely, right here’s the important thing.’ Rubbish simply got here out. He’d simply pile it with rubbish. He was like a 12-year-old child.”

‘El Dorado’ grew to become a field workplace success
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El Dorado would in the end show to be successful for each Wayne and Caan. The movie earned essential reward, however the legendary Western actor usually gave off the impression that he didn’t care what they needed to say. Wayne would favor for the viewers to take pleasure in what he put up on the silver display screen. Fortunately, he can be in luck with El Dorado, which was a business success.
This explicit Western would change into considered one of Wayne’s extra iconic style items. Even his closing movie, The Shootist would incorporate footage from it.


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