Home movies New Video Of Bruce Lee’s Funeral Surfaces (Was It All Faked?)

New Video Of Bruce Lee’s Funeral Surfaces (Was It All Faked?)

New Video Of Bruce Lee’s Funeral Surfaces (Was It All Faked?)

Bruce Lee Real Fight Channel (Real Bruce Lee Fight Stories and Jeet Kune Do Training):

For the first time ever you can see real video footage of Bruce Lee’s open casket in Hong Kong. But something is not quite right with the footage,

the video doesn’t match the photos that were taken at the same time, you judge for yourself.

Hey everybody! It’s Beerdy here. What’s going on, guys?

Okay. So, I was looking through some of my old 16-millimeter archive footage of Bruce Lee and I managed to find this ultra rare footage

of…there’s Nora Miao at Bruce Lee’s funeral. This is in Hong Kong, just days after Bruce Lee passed away. And Nora Miao and Bruce Lee were really close.

They became friends after ‘Enter the Dragon’, uh, sorry. I mean, uh, ‘Way of The Dragon’. And uh, yeah, she’s there, um, with a lot of celebrities from Hong Kong paying their respects to Bruce Lee. And I discovered something really, really strange when I saw this, because footage like video footage of Bruce Lee’s open casket doesn’t exist.

This is the only one I have, um, here. So, in a second, we’re going to see actual video footage of the open casket of Bruce Lee.

And I have some real good footage. Like picture footage photos of Bruce.

There you can see, there’s the open casket with Bruce Lee. And it’s super clean, super good, very nice and the actual photo that was taken at the same time,

looks quite different. So, just take a look here. He has that scar on his cheek there and I don’t know why, I don’t know…it’s very strange.

It doesn’t look like it’s the same person even so. I don’t know why but the photo is really different from the actual video footage.

This is the first time I’ve seen video footage of Bruce Lee’s open casket that’s so clean, that you can actually see it like this.

And um, I restored it like this. So, it’s pretty nice. And um, yeah.

It’s complete chaos guys. It was complete chaos. There’s Linda Lee and Shannon Lee and his wife and daughter. Yeah, for weeks, Hong Kong was just in complete chaos. Millions of people on the

streets, just complete and utter chaos. And Linda was here to actually pick up the casket and bring back Bruce Lee to Seattle, where he was buried.

You can see here the casket was taken into the plane and they flew it back to Seattle, so he can be buried close to his family, Brandon, Shannon and Linda.

And yeah, they actually just load the casket onto the plane and take him back to Seattle. And they had the second funeral in Seattle with you know Steve McQueen etc. His um, Hollywood buddies, so, yeah.

There you go guys. What do you think? What do you think about this clean footage and what do you think about that open casket? He looks so different in one of the photos and in the actual video of the open casket. Okay, guys, see you later. Bye.