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Despite Jackie Chan’s popularity in the channel being not much, I still wanted to make a dream trailer for my favorite franchise of him Rush Hour. What it would be like to see a Rush Hour 4?
If there was a trailer that I wanted to do since the very beginning it to be Rush Hour 4. Because I’m a fan of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and their movies. However despite Jackie Chan having movies available, Chris Tucker does not. Fortunately I found Silver Lining Playbook, Chris Tucker happens to have a small part but it was enough.

“You’re gonna make me late” line from Transporter I edited to make Jackie respond with “I don’t care” (from Skip Trace). The song was “all the way up” I connected with the clip from Vanguard when car was flying. In the end when the car was flying (clip from Transporter) I edited Jackie Chan in the car (from Vanguard) and Chris Tucker (from Ruck Hour 3) together. I searched for the right music and fortunately I found the X2 trailer theme song, with hip hop upbeat to it.

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