Irina and Cristiano broke up over Christmas 2014, but didn’t announce it until January 2015.

There has never been any official confirmation as to why they split, but there is speculation that she wanted kids, and at the time he didn’t want anymore.

The Portuguese footballer’s son Cristiano Jnr was born shortly after the couple first got together.

Meanwhile, there was also reports they split after she allegedly wouldn’t attend his mother’s birthday party – something she has strongly denied.
Irina and Cristiano got together in 2009 and were a couple for five years.

The pair reportedly met through their modelling campaigns for Armani Exchange

At the time they were adamant on not letting fame getting in the way of their relationship and, therefore, kept a low profile all throughout their romance.

In January, 2015, however, Cristiano broke the rule by releasing a statement announcing the end of their relationship.
Although they didn’t have any kids together, they have both welcomed children since their breakup.

As mentioned Cristiano already had a son when they met, and he then had twins Eva and Mateo in June 2017 via surrogacy – although the mother is not known. Then in December 2017 he had a daughter called Eva with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

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