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Xu Xiaodong too Afraid to face the 'Fake Shaolin Monk'?

Xu Xiaodong too afraid to face the 'Fake Shaolin Monk'?

After the controversial MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong broke the Tai Chi Grasp’s Tien Ye nostril in a matter of seconds, the martial arts world had issues to say. Amongst these, the well-known ‘Faux Shaolin Monk’ Yi Lengthy.

Xu Xiaodong

When you’re a martial arts and fight sport fan, you most likely already know that Xu Xiaodong, aka Mad Canine, has issued an open problem to all martial arts masters on the market. He is on a mission to undercover faux Martial arts masters.

For numerous causes, some masters have accepted the problem thus far and acquired into the ring with the Mad Canine. Simply as reconfirm the MMA Fighter’s mission, thus far all have failed in issues of seconds. However this time issues might go in a different way.

After his final fast TKO of the 56-year-old Grasp, Chinese language media counsel that Mad Dag might subsequent face the Faux Shaolin Monk. However, in contrast to different Masters who have been frauds, this opponent is a no joke fighter.

Yi Lengthy

The self-declared Shaolin Monk Yi Lengthy has already challenged Xu Xiaodong to a problem again in 2017 when he wrote on his weblog that he wouldn’t tollerate Xu’s belittling of martial arts anymore, calling him a “shameless fraud“.

Now, years after many rumors about their potential combat have been happening for some time, no match has been organized thus far. That is what Yi Lengthy needed to say in regards to the state of affairs.

Will we ever see Xu Xiaodong vs Yi Lengthy?

This rumors have been happening since 2019, with MAS Combat able to ebook such a crowd-atracting occasion. Xu hasn’t expressed himslef publicly about this problem, and from Yi Lengthy has stated, these rumors have been created only for attenion. However perhaps one thing will come out of it.

Many individuals have mirrored upon such an encounter, and the overall verdict appears to see Yi Lengthy because the faborable candidate for the victory. In actual fact, despite the fact that the Shaolin Monk, as declared by a Shaolin Monk spokesman, will not be a real Shaolin Monk, he is an precise Champion with an unimaginable combating pedigree.

Yi Long

After having mocked the defeated Tien Ye, Yi Lengthy could also be a problem on a cpmpletely new degree. He has already proven his worth in what known as the Combat of the Century in opposition to the tamed Buakaw.

Shaolin Monk vs Muay Thai | EPIC MATCH

Yi Long vs Buakaw

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