Kya studios Justice league ke title name ko bdlenge? Akhir kiu zack snyder ne pichli justice league se ek bhi scene na lene ka faisla kia hai?

Zack snyder is all set to bring his Justie League onscreen with the fact that not even a single frame from the actual movie is used in his movie.
Moreover the movie is yet to have a title, and studios will definitely not name it Zack Snyder’s Justice league ,

as they would definitely would not like to be in a battle agains DC comics and creators of justice league.
Starring Henry Cavil , Jared Leto , Ray Fisher

Being not part of the Justice League anymore, the non-Zack Snyder Justice league was a blunder and thus not performed well as expected. Additionally,
zack’s wife forced him not to watch the justice league movie, because she felt like the movie would disappoint him a lot and he will be feeling hurt after the movie, which was a big money loser for the DC comics.

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