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Colombians Ask: Who Would Have Dare to Patent Panel?

Simply downhill was one other trapeze, seen as a skinny smoke rising from the cane. Underneath its aluminum roof was a scene Mr. Quintero hated to see: shirtless males smoking whereas working, chickens pounding round, somebody passing on a pile of cane fiber, wood pans that may produce splinters. However that was the truth of the panel in a lot of Columbia, he admitted.

It was 8 o’clock within the morning, and a panel of an uncommon, vibrant golden colour was transferring throughout the roof when a weigher named Jimmy Buitrago confirmed up at work, late. I had weighed panel to Don Manuel for five hours, and earlier than two different traps. I hadn’t slept a complete evening in three days.

Mr. Buitrago, an 18-year-old, didn’t look unhealthy for put on whereas shortly scooping up scorching dough to type excellent half-pound pastries on a desk, then stamping them with the proprietor’s initials of the trapeze. Between contemporary cloths of scorching syrup he sniffed at breakfast bites. He’s been doing this for 4 years, he mentioned.

Mr. Buitrago didn’t learn about Mr. González’s efforts, and even what a patent he was. Lucero Copete, who was packing the paper-cooled desserts for the market, defined them. “He desires exclusivity,” he mentioned. Mr. Buitrago was incredulous, “The place is he?”

This panel had a distinct style from the kind of industrial crops: richer, smoother and sweeter than the graphics. “Nicely, after all!” mentioned Mr. Quintero, pointing to a heap of crimson gold stalks ready to be pressed. “Take a look at the standard of the cane.”

Panela is extra complicated and fewer predictable than desk sugar, Mr. Quintero defined, as a result of it incorporates all of the elements of cane juice, not all of which may be added. In small mountainous areas as properly, the person cane is chosen for maturity. The one additive is somewhat vegetable oil to forestall the caramel from effervescent.

The policosanol content material of this deliriously good panel remained undetermined, and the furthest it had ever been was only some miles down the highway.

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