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Although most cinephiles take a look at Jean-Claude Van Damme because the martial arts man with the humorous accent, JCVD represents extra to many motion film aficionados. His filmography begins by representing the excesses of the 80s and 90s, solely to change into extra self-aware in its later years, lastly changing into snug in its cheesiness.


A Van Damme film may not all the time be art-house cinema, but it surely’s all the time thrilling. So as a substitute of specializing in what it isn’t, let’s have fun its thrilling extravagance by having a look on the ten best stunts and set items ever filmed by the Muscle mass from Brussels.

10Kicking A Cigar Out Of A Useless Man’s Face (Exhausting Goal)

The primary entry on this record, from the 1993 basic Exhausting Goal, is easy, but elegant. It showcases JCVD’s grace and precision with a single strike: This spin-kick is so on level that it not solely knocks down the unhealthy man for good, it additionally kicks the cigar proper out of his mouth. Some factors need to be deducted because the baddie had already been shot a number of instances earlier than this feat was achieved and was mainly lifeless on his ft at that time.


9Kicks A Knife Into A Man’s Chest (The Expendables 2)

This one is much like the primary entry however differs in two vital locations. The primary one is that Van Damme is definitely the unhealthy man on this scene. The second is that this spin kick really causes his enemy’s demise, not like the one in Exhausting Goal.



The precision remains to be there: His henchman offers him a tiny goal, that being the deal with of a knife, and JCVD hits it with lethal accuracy, like a deadly model of the bottle cap problem.

8Preventing The Pittsburgh Penguins’ Mascot (Sudden Dying)

Sudden Dying could be one among Van Damme’s most underappreciated motion pictures, which is a disgrace as a result of it accommodates probably the most quintessential JCVD scenes ever filmed: His battle with the Pittsburgh Penguins’ mascot mixes in actual hazard with goofy moments to create a real showcase of the person’s model: motion and drama that by no means takes itself too severely.



The spotlight right here is unquestionably the a number of punches and kicks to the mascot’s go well with, which someway damages the villain that’s contained in the fluffy armor anyway.

7Splitting On A Kitchen Counter To Keep away from Being Electrocuted (Timecop)

When Van Damme isn’t busy doing the splits in mid-air to kick somebody’s head off, he additionally enjoys doing the splits for different causes: He does it as a crowd-pleasing transfer in Double Affect, and he does it for coaching functions in… each one among his motion pictures, kind of.



In Timecop, it’s a life-saving measure. When cornered by a nasty man with a taser and a flooring stuffed with water, his solely selection is to separate on prime of a kitchen counter. The man should have been actually good at enjoying “The Flooring Is Lava”.

6The Whole Fruit Market Struggle Scene (Knock Off)

A extra elaborate set piece, the fruit market battle scene in Knock Off is a mix of a number of stunts filmed at a extra frantic tempo than what JCVD normally does. In actual fact, it’s virtually harking back to a Jackie Chan film. From defending in opposition to a number of machete-wielding henchmen to carrying Rob Schneider to security by means of a whole brawl, Van Damme exhibits as soon as once more that he can take advantage of unbelievable bits entertaining. That is ten minutes of motion that save an in any other case mediocre movie.


5A Dance And A Struggle (Kickboxer)

In all probability probably the most well-known Van Damme moments of all-time, and there’s a purpose why folks nonetheless discuss it. Kickboxer is an in any other case brutal movie, one which concentrates on gritty coaching montages and violent in-ring fights.


The dance scene, the place Van Damme exhibits that he can get his groove on and beat up some anonymous baddies in a single fluid movement, is the end result of all the things the person skilled for in real-life: It’s his mastery of karate blended together with his ballet coaching that offers him an magnificence few different motion stars can imitate.

4Preventing Mickey Rourke In A Roman Coliseum Surrounded By Land Mines (Double Crew)

The set-up is completely ludicrous: Van Damme, attempting to save lots of a child, has to battle Mickey Rourke throughout his craziest interval, in the course of a Roman Coliseum, with land mines buried at random locations. Additionally, there’s a tiger on the free, and he has to hold Dennis Rodman to motion film respectability.


It shouldn’t work (and it arguably doesn’t on pure inventive deserves), but it surely does make for one unforgettable scene, particularly when he tops it off by shielding himself from a lethal explosion with a Coke machine.

3Van Damme, The One-Man Military (Common Soldier: Regeneration)

For a pure, no non-sense take a look at what makes Jean-Claude Van Damme such an ideal motion star, one ought to take a look at the ultimate quarter-hour of Common Soldier: Regeneration. In a single lengthy scene, Van Damme takes down a whole military.


First, he mows them down together with his gun; when that runs out, he switches to a knife, after which his naked arms. He finishes this symphony of destruction by killing his outdated nemesis (Dolph Lundgren’s Andrew Scott), and by taking down the brand new unhealthy man performed by Andrei Arlovski. In all probability Van Damme’ most thrilling burst of motion.

2The Struggle Towards Chong Li (Bloodsport)

All of Bloodsport ought to be on this record, however one specific scene pushes it excessive: The ultimate battle with Chong Li, the place Van Damme’s Frank Dux lastly places all of it collectively and avenges everybody. It’s not too drawn out, and it’s brutal to some extent the place you start to marvel if Van Damme and Bolo Yeung have been even attempting to tug their punches and kicks. It’s a masterpiece of martial arts filmmaking.

1Biting The Tail Off A Rattlesnake To Use It As A Booby Entice (Exhausting Goal)

And now, for the craziest factor Van Damme ever needed to do: When confronted by a harmful rattlesnake in a Louisiana bayou, the magnificently named Probability Boudreaux doesn’t flinch. As a substitute, he grabs it by throat, punches it into unconsciousness, and leaves it up in a tree as a entice for the folks looking him. What’s crazier is that IT WORKS. In fact, it’s hardly a stunt, as Van Damme was by no means in any actual hazard and didn’t really battle anybody aside from a snake puppet, but it surely’s too iconic to not point out.

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