At a new screening of Double Impact at an Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, Sheldon Lettich opened up about his time co-composing Double Impact with Jean-Claude Van Damme just as coordinating what was his third joint effort with the Muscles from Brussels.

Double Impact, which was initially delivered three years after Van Damme’s breakout execution in Bloodsport in 1991 (which was composed by Lettich also), was the first of a pattern of activity motion pictures to include Van Damme playing himself twice – as twins Chad and Alex Wagner.

While Lettich was flaunting a 35mm reclamation of Double Impact, just as advancing another Double Impact Collector’s Edition Blu-beam (which you can buy here), he set aside the effort to address inquiries from the crowd about working with Van Damme on Double Impact, the film’s beginnings, and even Van Damme’s cravings for a ‘Triple Impact’ continuation.

During the Q&As after the film, when a fan flippantly inquired as to whether there were plans for a “Triple Impact”, Lettich reacted that “Jean-Claude needed.”

Anyway Lettich would proceed to clarify that while “a continuation was examined for quite a long time,” that maybe the main motivation one didn’t occur was indeed because of the film’s prosperity.

In the wake of being sold for appropriation all throughout the planet it got hard for every one of the distinctive worldwide rights to be turned out for another film.

While a content was never composed by Lettich and Van Damme, Lettich uncovered that a story was examined and was being pounded out where “Chad is back in Los Angeles and he crosses paths with the Chinese Triads.”

From that point, “Alex would need to return from Hong Kong” and would fundamentally be the significant “wild beast on the loose” reteaming up with his sibling to unleash ruin on the Chinese hidden world similar as they did in the first Double Impact.

The pair would in the long run figure out how to carry another venture to fulfillment together anyway when they teamed up on Legionnaire in 1998, which Lettich and Van Damme share composing credits on, just as The Order in 2001 which Lettich coordinated.

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