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So in this video, we’d be putting up two men who have made a name for themselves by beating men to a pulp in their movies. But how will they fare against each other? It’s Steven Seagal Versus Jean-Claude Van Damme. Who would win in a street fight? Seagal had a countering style: if you atacked him first, made a mistake, and weren’t too fast for him, he’d always have a chance against you. What he does well is self-defense with a bonus of breaking hands/arms, and tossing! Reminds me of the Japanese characters in WOTD and GmOD(2 Lee movies). Since JCVD isn’t the fastest martial artist, Seagal would have a pretty good shaht. I would say, though, JCVD’s extreme flexibility would give him a slight edge. The boxing equivalent of Seagal is a power counterpuncher. If you make a mistake that this fighter can process, then a power counterpuncher(like Joe Louis) puts you away! JCVD would need to be very careful. Despite the fact that Seagal gets lampooned a lot today, this style is not to be messed with by nongifted martial artists in speed! From there, if Seagal broke a hand or another part, then it would be over(because it throws your fighting equilibrium off). JCVD probably takes 6 out of 10. Despite JCVD’s incredible athleticism, Seagal is a right opponent.

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