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Jean Claude Van Damme and the conflict with Steven Seagal

Sylvester Stallone never imagined that a simple party at his home would unleash a great conflict between Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. The reason has surprised many of his followers.

Seagal is by and large a talker and doesn’t generally engage with anyone, which could be seen as a good thing since it would mean that he doesn’t like to fight and is against naked aggression, but could also mean that he knows that someone like Van Damme might expose him for being ineffectual.

It’s hard to say at this point and a lot of people don’t really care any longer, since both men have grown old at this point and their place in action movies has been spotty over the years as both of them have been relegated, more or less, to starring in lesser-known movies as those that remember them back in their prime recall just how great they were for a while before they finally started to fall off in terms of popularity.

The fact is that a lot of people have their favorite action stars and believe that the individuals they like could mop the floor with one person or another, but the trick is that no matter how real their credentials are,

fighting each other over their movie reputations is about as dumb as it gets considering that at some point every action star is going to see their career decline since they’ll either get typecast too often or they’ll get older and people will want to see a younger set of stars step in. When it comes to Van Damme and Seagal the feud would be even sillier at this point since both men are old enough that they should be able to let it go.

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