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“Hit Me Over A Bulls**t Joke” Chris Rock Finally Reveals What He Thinks Of Will Smith

Chris Rock Finally Reveals What He Thinks Of Will Smith!

It has been a while since the scandal at the Dolby theatre. Yes, we are talking about the time that Will Smith smacked comedian Chris Rock across the face and got himself banned from the Academy Awards for 10 years! This incident came as a shock to all of us as we never thought that this arguably perfect human being could ever resort to such scrutany.

Although Will seems to be remorseful, it is solely up to Chris Rock to forgive him for his actions. After all, he was the one who got slapped. Now, after months of keeping us in the dark, Chris has finally decided to speak his mind about the incident and how it affected him. And no, we don’t mean the jokes he’s been making on his tours the past months, today we have his full on response for your guys! So stay tuned, give the video a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button to not miss out on any future videos!

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