When you have been requested to encapsulate the Quick and Livid franchise in simply two phrases, and also you weren’t permitted to easily use “quick” and/or “livid,” the phrases “action” and “household” could be fairly strong decisions.
A franchise that started off practically 20 years in the past with a street-racing flick about an L.A. crew that runs VCRs has change into, over the course of a whopping 9 movies, a model of full-blown science fiction mega-blockbusters, every larger than the final.
The stunts and stakes have escalated to apocalyptic, human-race-threatening proportions, however what makes the movies work, past a dose of self-awareness the scale of star Dwayne Johnson’s morning protein shake, is their give attention to that third F-word, household. Even Hobbs & Shaw — the franchise’s first official spinoff, starring its finest fighters (Johnson and Jason Statham) and that includes its most outsized story (Idris Elba as a cyborg, attempting to unleash a virus to wipe out a lot of humanity) — makes certain to work heavy household drama into the globe-hopping action.
To emphasise the odd couple dynamic between Johnson’s blue-collar ass-kicker Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s extra refined bruiser Deckard Shaw, the movie’s house studio, Common (which shares a father or mother firm with SYFY WIRE), held two junkets for the movie. And since SYFY WIRE attended each occasions, we determined to ask the solid in regards to the two foundational parts of the movie.
First, in London, we spoke to Statham, Elba, co-star Vanessa Kirby, author Chris Morgan, and director David Leitch in regards to the movie’s insane action sequences and brutal hand-to-hand combating scenes.
Notably, we requested everybody who would win in a no-holds-barred avenue combat between Hobbs and Shaw. As you may see above, there was some division on that query — Elba stated he’d put his cash on Johnson’s Hobbs, however Statham himself made a compelling case as to why Shaw would win a throwdown.

“The factor about Shaw is that he’s a precision man, and everyone knows what precision and pace does,” Statham stated. “When you’re hit in the best place — you might be twice the scale of Dwayne, however a kick to the nuts is a kick to the nuts, you don’t get protecting muscle tissues across the ballsack.”
Over in Hawaii, Johnson fielded some extra intimate questions (although maybe you don’t get rather more intimate than a kick to the nuts). A part of Hobbs & Shaw takes place in Samoa, the place Hobbs grew up and the place Johnson himself traces his lineage. Johnson offered SYFY WIRE how essential it was not solely to characteristic Samoan tradition, but in addition to taste the action with parts distinctive to the island.

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