Every Jason Statham film – ranked!

We price the action man’s bone-crunching output from Man Ritchie’s cockney geezer to the Quick & Livid movies
39. In The Identify of the King: A Dungeon Siege Story (2007)
From German shlockmeister Uwe Boll, this tepid fantasy yarn duties Jason Statham’s sturdy yeoman with slapping down evil sorcerer Ray Liotta. The undisputed low level.
38. Flip It Up (2000)
In his little-seen US debut, Statham convincingly performs raspy heavy Mr B in a story of Brooklyn rapping and drug-dealing gone awry, endangering Ja Rule’s face with a deli-slicing machine.
37. 13 (2010)

This bumpy remake of a bare-bones French thriller thrusts determined males right into a life-or-death Russian Roulette match; Statham has little to do as a wealthy businessman betting on the outcome.
36. Chaos (2005)
Wily financial institution robber Wesley Snipes taunts a familiar-looking rough-and-ready cop whereas greenhorn Ryan Phillippe delivers a TED discuss on chaos idea on this listless would-be thriller.

35. Imply Machine (2001)
This clunky Vinnie Jones time capsule – a soccer-focused redo of The Longest Yard – contains a younger Statham as mercurial goalie Monk, daydreaming of creating cartwheeling saves in opposition to a group of awful screws.
34. Collateral (2004)

Solely the briefest of cameos however crucially Statham doesn’t look misplaced in Michael Mann’s glittering nocturnal thriller, bumping into steely visiting hitman Tom Cruise to move on very important intel. “Take pleasure in LA,” he purrs on the Cruiser.
33. London (2005)
London is a woman, not town on this talky, coked-up drama: assured entrepreneur Statham (nearly unrecognisable with brief however thick and slickly parted hair) tries to assist lovesick Chris Evans get his mojo again at a swanky occasion.
32. Revolver (2005)
For his third (and to this point closing) collaboration with Man Ritchie, Statham sports activities an amazing handlebar moustache however appears unmoored in a quasi-philosophical card-shark story the place luck is a system.

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